As we were creating the Sea Iceland website, a new project idea emerged: Pro-Active Arctic Diving!

The abundant and colourful underwater life combined with the challenges of cold-water diving make the NORA Region (Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, and Norway) an attractive destination for scuba divers. During the past few years, interest in diving in this region has been growing steadily.

In light of this, we've designed a separate platform to promote a NORA-funded project called Pro-Active Diving. The idea behind the proejct is to investigate the possibility of developing a niche eco-tourism market in the NORA Region in which divers can help scientists monitor the unique environment around them each time they go diving.

The project connects business support and development mechanisms, research institutes, tourism agencies and dive centres in the NORA Region. The partnerships we have been forging will facilitate the development of new marine research critical for the protection of our oceans whlie growing eco-tourism in the region. We also hope that this platform will help researchers connect with divers who are interested in contributing to scientific research while doing their favourite marine hobby!

We have created an online environment for divers to upload pictures, videos, and environmental measurements they take during their dives. The infromation divers collect will provide essential data to researchers studying the changes to the marine evironment, and help inform policymakers.

Help us out!

Thanks to funding from NORA, the partners invovled in Pro-Active Diving have been working on a proof of concept to investigate the full potential of developing this niche eco-tourism market.

You can help us develop this proof of concept by filling out one or both of the surveys below, depending on your profile. These surveys will give us critical background information about the interests of the diving community so that we can tailor the platform so that it is useful to all stakeholders and a valuable tool for environmental monitoring.

We would like to thank you in advance for helping us!

PRO-ACTIVE DIVING Workshop February 2017

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